As part of our growing activities, we are establishing some new observing groups for club members…

Binoculars, Blankets and Beach-chairs

As the name suggests, this group is aimed at people who would enjoy getting under the stars with an easy-to-use pair of binoculars. Binocular viewing with a group is a great introduction to astronomical observing and is a low stress way to learn the night sky. Blankets and beach-chairs also make it a very comfortable form of astronomy. For more information, email Rachel Palmer at


At the moment, we are a small group of people with mixed experience levels and equipment. Our members shoot a range of images, from star-trails to long-exposure deep, sky images. If you would like to try for yourself, all you need to get started is a sturdy tripod, a camera that allows manual exposures (preferably a DSLR of some type), a shutter release and some patience. It is amazing what images can be created with some guidance & experimentation. For more information, email Graham Palmer at

Telescope Viewing

Currently, our Pukerangi observatory is slowly being brought online. Once the power system is fully functioning, we will have three permanently mounted telescopes available under a beautiful dark sky. These instruments will allow us to observe a wide range of objects, from the moon & planets, to some very distant deep-sky objects such as nebulae and galaxies. At other times, we will use portable telescopes at various locations around the Napier area. For more information, email Graham Palmer at